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Monday, April 06, 2020

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Elegant Travel Located at 216 De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, VN.Reviewed by 2048 Khách hàng. Rated: 9.5/ 10 (Excellent)


8D7N: “The Lost Civilization” Saigon Port (SGN) - Siem Reap (REP) or vice versa The classic among the Mekong River Cruises - 8 day cruise “Lost Civilization” for the cruise aficionados combines places rarely visited with opulent world heritage sites on board the luxury boutique cruiser “Jayavarman” – the unforgettable cruise experience.

    • Day 1 : Siem Riep-Kampong Chhnang ( Waterworld ) ( …/L/D )

      The Tonle Sap ( The Great Lake ) is the flowing heart of Cambodia, giving love and life to this nation.The Tonle Sap has more fish than any other lake in the world and is home to an incredible variety of birds,including rare and endangere,feathered life.The water level rises and drops considerably throughout the year.Thus, our journey begins in hight  or low water.

      Hight water program ( between August and December )

      At 12:30 , we gather at the meeting point followed by a quick transfer to the boutique ship.The ever smiling crew welcomes us with unbridled warmth.A refreshing welcome drink awaits us followed by a sumptuous luch on the ship.

      Then,it is a laxy afternoon as the ship glides along the water.Dinner is at Indochine Dining Hall.Enjoy a spectacular  experience on the sun deck as we bathe in the glow of the moon and the radiance of the stars.

      The ship then moors overnight on the Great Lake

      We wind our way through the river, you feel at one with nature , a measured peace with the environment and the community.

      Later that evening, we meet and greets our fellow passengers,our brothers in arms in our soon to be matchless experience at briefing at the Henry Mouhot Lounge.This is followed by a welcome dinner at the Indochine Dining Hall.

       Day 2: Kampong Chhnag-Kampong Cham ( Cambodia’s province and the welands ) B/L/D

      The day in fact every day starts with an invigorating Tai Chi lesson on the sundeck,just as the sun begins its slow rise.Coffe and tea awaits the early bird.Before down, the Ship sets sail across the Tonle Sap Lake.As the ship is about to exit the lake, we see spectacular marshlands floating along the river banks of Kampong Chhnang Province.

      The afternoon cruise continues with a langud meander along the Tonle Sap, which narrows through leafy swaths of the Southeast Asian jungle.Here the river is very narrow and we are greeted by dids wawing enthusiastically at us from the banks.

      Fllow a short bus trip to the see the Khmer styled pottery at the Aundaung Russey village.We the embark on a truly marvelous motorboat excursion from Kampong Chahnang to see the wetlands, floating houses and fish farms n the region efore reaching Kampong Cham in the evening.

      Futher down the river we take part in an ox cart rally before being introduced to the Heritage Line Pro bono.

      Dinner awaits at Indochine Dining Hall while the Ship cruised through PhnomPenh to reach Kampong Cham late in the evening.

      Day 3: Kampong Cham-Wat Hanchey “ Monks and hilltops “(  B/L/D)

      We will wake up in the small hours of the morning , truly energized to embar on a land journey to the pre Angkorian temple of Wat Hanchey.Travelers either take a motor taxi or climb the 291 steps to the top.Located at the top of a hill overlooking the river, it offers one of the most breath taking views in Cambodia.Built in the 8th century,this ancient structure, together with a bigger and newer addition underscores the superb architecture of the Chenla Empire which predates the might Angkor temple complex.Ee even get to engage in light banter with some of the monks in the area.We will return to the ship to winess a blessing ceremony performed by orange clad local monks.

      Day 4: Phnom Penh “ Pearl of the East “ (  B/L/D)

      Phnom Penh was once the Paris of the East.Despite its rapid development, it has retained a lot of its rustic charm and elegance.After breakfast, we will be captivated by a comprehensive lecture on Cambodia’s modern history.

      After lunch at a loval restaurant, we will visit the Genocide museum and the Killing Field in town.Be prepared to be heart wrenched by this stark reminder of the genocide that transpired during Cambodia Khmer Rouge regime.

      We go back to the ship after our museum visit.

      Day 5: Phnom Penh-Border crossing the Highway Blues.

      The cruise liner then sets sail for a laxy day of cruising along the main Mekong Channel.As this is an international shipping route, you will witness large commercial ships plying this route.Later n the afternoon we set off to the Vietnamese border for the requisite cross border paperwork.The ship moors midstream overnight.

      Day 6 : Chau Doc-Sa Dec “ Cicrus of fish “( B/L/D)

      Welcome to the fish sanctuary of Vietnam.We begin our day with a hearty breakfast at the Indochine Dining Hall or the Quiet sanctuary of your balcony.We will brace ourselver for a short excursion in Chau Doc, a pleasant town near the Cambodian border with sizeable Chinese, Kinh .We will also visit the colorful local market near an ancient temple.T

      Then ,it is back to the ship for a lunch.In the late afternoon, we will set off for Sadec.

       Day 7: Cai Be-My Tho :” Vienamese inventiveness “ ( B/L/D )                                                                                             

      In the morning we embark a traditional sampan to tour Binh Thanh Island and its man made canals.Here every villager is involved in the process of grouwing and processing water hyacinths into natural fibre floor mats and rattan baskets.

      After luch on board , the ship arrives in Cai Be.The tour starts with a visit to Cai Be boisterous and colorful floating market where traders gather in a cacophonous congregation.During  the languid ride , we discover breathtaking landscapes along the river and quaff the rustic life on the Mekong Delta.

      We then board the Ship for a tranquil evening cruise towards My Tho.A wonderful farewell party awaits us on the cruise.

      Day 8 : My Tho-Ho Chi Minh city “ Good morning Sai Gon “(B/../…)

      Our cruise on the magnificent cruise comes to an ends as the ship winds its way to My Tho, approximately 70 km south of Sai Gon on the upper Mekong river in Viet Nam.We bid farewell to the cruise as our journey comes to a close.But the memories and the friendships made on board –linger on for o lot longer.

      We disembark at around 9:00 AM and we join the transfer to madding crowd of Sai Gon.

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