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Monday, April 06, 2020

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Elegant Travel Located at 216 De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, VN.Reviewed by 2048 Khách hàng. Rated: 9.5/ 10 (Excellent)



      1.    Saigon – Cattien National Park

      Getting out of the commercial city to see  another busy industrial city is Binh Duong and the countryside of Dong Nai, that is so famous plantations such as: durian, rambutan, longan, jack fruite, and ruber tree. And on the way to National park to cross the Talai river , to check in and to ramble to enjoy the nature. At night to jump on the back up van to have a night spot. And overnight at bangalow.

      2.    Cattien Trek and cycle

      Morning trek to make you warming up and to cycle in the national park and to trek into crocodise lake. To enjoy view and to take some great photo.  And overnight at crocodise lake.

      Red eyes hunting and dinner with simple meal of  national park preparation.

      3.    Cattien – Bao Loc

      Waking up early morining to boat a small sampan on the crocodise lake to see how brave you are!!! Back on land to trek back and to hoop on the bike back to the center. To check out back on motorbike and to visit how to make a local tea and to go to Baoloc. Overnight at baoloc.

      4.    Bao Loc – Dalat

      Dambri waterfall is the first thing to see in the morning, to pass on the way with so many coffee and  tea plantations. And back to the city to try and to taste the flavour of special plan in here.

      To visit the minority village on the way and to enjoy the wonderful waterfall is elephant, silk factory and many flowers farms. Ending the trip and overnight at dalat.

      5.    Dalat – Adventure

      One day adventure with the optional yourchoice.  Trekking or mountain biking around dalat.

      Trip ending at dalat city








    Prices : 475.00 USD/Pax


    -English speaking tourguide



    -Entrance Fees







    -Elephant Ride


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